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CAFÉ KAFKA .....Four musicians coming from different musical experiences (jazz, ethno, southamerican music, street band) .Yet toghether in the last period of La Lionetta, historical band of italian progressive folk, and now in the CAFÉ' KAFKA project: words & music for new stories and tales

The world of CAFÉ KAFKA is surrounded by a heterogenous and multi-coloured humanity of surreal charatcers, sometimes tragic and concrete. Characters that move around in stories filled with irony, disenchantment and poetry: werewolves that will not accept their nature, talking beetles, small town shammans, clandenstines crammed together at frontier town, old sailors that confuse too many harbours and many many love stories; anger in a day of rebellion or a resigned routine of everyday life.

Atmosphere and imagery vary continuosly from song to song, spiralling into a 'calmebour' of stiles and sounds, often of playful character, rich with citations, suggestions and exactly for this reason never to be discounted. The main of the entire show is the ironic twist between reality and metaphore represented way beyond the simple execution of songs. This has enabled the group to engage audiences even in ditinguished theatrical reperesentations.

The music of CAFÉ' KAFKA is a strongly personal representation in today's panorama of music, giving life to a mestizo sound far away from conventional cliches.